Saturday, April 13, 2013


I am failing so much with Blogging!  Its so annoying, I am constantly saying I should blog out this & that but never do it!  Anyway all I can do now is try again, so once again IM BACK lol.
Life has been really busy with the new job, being a retail manager is definitely hard work but I'm still loving it.  I really enjoy working with beauty products, its so fun making women feel beautiful. I have also met some great people through the job, which always makes a job better.
On the jewelry front, things go back and forth all the time.  We are now in a number of stores in the area which is fantastic.  However I am still struggling with the website.  From a technical point of view I don't know enough to create the look I want & right now hiring someone is not an option.  Its honestly my biggest frustration & have somehow got to find a way to make it work.  Plus taking photographs myself of the jewelry is a nightmare.  I always have shadows or the color is not true to the piece.  It makes adding an item to the store so much work.  
From a marketing point of view we have done some photo shoots & got some great pictures like the one above but then the stores want the pieces right away. Don't get me wrong its really amazing that stores want our pieces immediately & I don't want to be negative about that at all but with most pieces being one of a kind its tough. I can't put the pictures online because the pieces are not available so then the photo shoot seems almost like a waste. I need to find the balance to almost have two sections of Stella Jewelry online & retail. I know we will figure it out eventually. I see so much potential & have so many ideas I just want to be constantly moving forward.
Anyway the weather seems to finally be starting to figure itself out here in Roanoke.  So I am going to try & enjoy my weekend off & make some jewelry on the deck perhaps.
Happy Saturday!