Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Class ~ Friday Fancies

There was no specific theme for this week for Friday Fancies so I decided to create an outfit fit for a jet setter in first class.

First Class


I am dying over the shoes, although I could never walk in them!

Waving Goodbye to my trip home

I mentioned a few times that at the end of August I would be flying home to see my childhood best friend get married.  Unfortunately due to my pending citizenship I cannot go home now.  To say I am sad is an understatement but I am trying to focus on the fact I will get to spend more time with her & other friends when I visit in the Spring without the hussle & bussle of the wedding.

So with my plans so abruptly changing I found myself with 4 weeks of vacation left for the rest of the year! A bitter sweet discovery.  So with Vegas in the works for the big 30th birthday I also planning on seeing some of California.  Originally we were planning Northern California but I am now thinking relaxing in San Diego would be amazing too & a little warmer in October.

I want to hear about other peoples trips to California, must sees? Any hidden local treasures I should know about? Northern vs Southern?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pretty Things

How gorgeous are these MAC eyeshadows?  I think I may need them!

So Sweet!

Remember these little beauties I was craving?  Well my dear, sweet friend Tricia bought them for me!  Entirely to generous of her BUT I cannot wait to wear them and add some color to my closet!  Thank you Tricia!

In other news I have been slacking on the blogger front. Did anyone notice?  I hope to get back on track tomorrow with a little travel post and on Friday with a fashion. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I must....

Have I ever told you about my love for Maroon 5?  Well its the kind of love that last's a life time, true Love.  The kind of connection that is always there, no matter how long it is between seing them listening to their albums.  The kind where I fall in love all over again every time I see Adam Levine! I mean look at him, gorgeous!

They will be in Charlotte on August 2nd and I must see them!

3 months until my 20's are OVER!

With only three months until my 30th Birthday I need to really get somethings done on my list.  You know when I have 5 mins between 2 jobs, Stella Jewelry, friends, family and sleep!! Heres a quick update!

1. I want a start my blog!  Still blogging 7 months later yay
2. Visit my friends all over England ~ This one is changing to Visit California ~ situations with my citizenship process have postponed my trip to England, more to come on that.
3. Visit my old friends ~ I need to make these plans ASAP. 

am evaluating situations in my life and relationships to eliminate negative influence and be the happiest me possible :)
5. Be more social ~ I am def. being more social and open to new people and new things, but again this is work in progress and my limited time can hinder this.  
6. Take French again and remember it this time - I feel like this just may end up a fail!

7. To fully Launch Stella Jewelry. They say find something you love and you will never feel like its work. I truly love making jewelry and hope this can be my career sooner than later ~ I am working HARD on the website, have some events in the next couple of months so the progress in the department is amazing.

8. To stick it out with college classes, college isn't for me but I now know its something I want to complete.

9. Actually read and enjoy a fiction novel. I am not a huge reader unless it’s some juicy celeb gossip online so I would love to actually make my way though a book and enjoy it. ~ Maybe Ill get to this while in California this fall.

10. I danced from the time I was 2-17 and then I moved to America and never danced again. I am not sure why I decided not to start again but it’s something I regret so before I am 30 I vow to at least take one dance class. Probably hip hop, those routines are always by favorite on SYTYCD. ~ I started Zumba classes, I won't cross this off until I have been going consistently for a few weeks.

11. Take my Mum to a SYTYCD show, she’s obsessed with the show and I know to see them in person would bring her such joy ~ Took my mum for her birthday it was soo fun!

12. To send a celebrity my Jewelry :) hopefully they I will spot it on one of my gossip sites :) ~ Who should I send it too?? Posh Spice?

13. To visit Salem, MA in the fall ~ Maybe another fail because of the cali trip!

14. To actually rest and relax on a vacation ~ Ill report back in October

15. Make cupcakes from scratch and learn to decorate them like a professional.

16. Send all my out of town friends a letter through snail mail. Who doesn’t love something in the mail that’s not a bill or junk mail :)

17. Clear out my closets and donate anything I do not need ~ I have done this once this year but am working on it again for a event we are planning.  More details soon!

18. To organize all photographs and scrap books.

19. Go to a tech game.

20. Take a ghost/historic tour.

21. To not eat fast food for a week, actually a month!   ~ No fast food February was a success read about it here :) 

22. Help my Mum as much as I can in her store ~ This is a work in progress but I have been helping her with blogging, displays and other marketing items as much as I can.

23. Enjoy the little things ~ I do this more and more each day.

24. Take a silver smith class. 

25. Stop procrastinating things ~ getting a lot better!! This is really helping with Stella Jewelry.

26. This is getting tougher :) ok this one is simple enough wake up early on the weekends and take a stroll through the farmers market or downtown. Photograph this experience as I am not a morning person ~ I bought a new Camera and need to plan this soon!
27. Live a life of intention ~ Read about that here

28. To find another store (other than my Mums amazing shop) to carry our jewelry ~ My jewelry is now being carried at the Grainery in Rocky Mount.

29. To enjoy every minute of my last 6 months of my 20’s and not stress the 30s.

30. Have an amazing 30th birthday party :) ~ Vegas Baby

4. Become a more positive person ~ I would say this will always be a work in progress but I

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stella Jewelry Sophie Look

     Stella Jewelry Sophie Look

I wanted to see what look I could come up with around our Sophie Collection.  I am in love with the corset dress from Victorias Secret and the price ($50) is amazing!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Business Plug

As I work on launching a new website and new online store I added a style page.  Currently, I am just posting pictures of customers wearing our jewelry but I am toying with the idea of this being in blog form. I will still post pictures of customers but would also like to post ideas of what to style the earrings or necklaces with and interact with customers on how they would style them too.

As I figure out what form I want it to take I am asking for photographs of people wearing our jewelry.  Hence the shameless plug.  If you have one of our pieces and want to be added to the style page send us your pic.  In return we will send you a nice little discount for the online store when it launches.  You know you want a discount :)

Send all pictures to ~ I can't wait to see how people style our pieces!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Weekend

Hope all you lovelies have a wonderful weekend.  I can't wait to relax a little after another crazy work week!!

Tonight I am going to have my feet detoxed! Not really sure what they do but its supposed to be good for you! I will report back and let you know :)

As my Big trip home has been put on hold, (more to come on that later) I am going to spend the weekend planning a road trip of Northern California and then a crazy weekend in Vegas to mourn celebrate the end of my 20's.

Ill be back next week with updates to my 30 before 30, my trip to England :(, Detoxing, Zumba and "Whats in your phone?"

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday Fancies ~ Easy Chic

I am linking up with {longdistanceloving} for her Friday Fancies! Her theme today is a Lazy and Hazy summer outfit.  So I was thinking even if you feel like having a lazy summer day, it doesn't mean you can't look fab!

This Maxi dress looks adorable and so easy to wear.  The Proenza bag is pefection for a cross over purse and layed necklaces add some glam without to much hassle.  Of course sunglasses are a summer staple to every outfit!

Now if I could just make the effort to pick and cute outfit when I wake up late for work!

Monday, July 11, 2011

What's in Your Phone?

The other day I was looking through my mobile and noticed all of the random photographs I have saved.  Some funny, some sentimental, some I have no idea why I took them 

In an effort to enjoy the little thing's in life I am sharing with you my eclectic collection of pics in a weekly post called "What's in Your Phone?", creative name huh?

Imagine passing this little beauty every morning when you were 15! Creepy huh?  My Mum's celebrity crush has always been Mr. Bowie and one Sunday my childhood best friend's hilarious Mum, Sue, bought this master piece from a yard sale for her.

As creepy and as dated as this picture it is, it makes me very nostalgic and giggle at how horrid the 80's were!!

Next week I hope you link up with me and share a picture!

New Beauty Products!!

My July Birch Box is already here!  Its like getting a little birthday present every month, well except the part where I pay $10 for it.

This months items were picked by designer Cynthia Rowley and again they don't disappoint, the box included:

Almond and Apricot Bar ~ It looks yummy but I don't eat nuts.
Redkin ~ Shine Brilliance - Glistening Spray.  Perfect travel size
Purity ~ Facial Cleanser
Zoya Polish ~ Pretty Neutral Color
Nuxe ~ Dry oil for hands, face and hair

Look out for blogs about mine and my friends opinions on the products!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fashion Friday ~ Nicole Richie


In the spirit of Nicole Richie joining the NBC Fashion Star team here are some of my picks from her Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960 collections.  I can't wait for the show, I was obsessed with Project Runway until it moved to Lifetime and my friend Ashley and I may have watched the Simple Life a few times ;-) clearly Nicole was the star of that show!

Remember my obsession with the Peacock Bracelet?  Well its 7 months later I am still obsessed and I still don't have it, whomp!! Maybe I will buy it to celebrate becoming a citizen!  I am submitting papers this week to become a dual citizen! Exciting stuff!


After a few crazy busy weeks and an insanely busy short week at the Corporate Job I am officially exhausted.  Working two jobs, being a friend and daughter plus creating a business is getting tiring. I think adults deserve nap time too!  However, I know this will be worth it and one day I will be relaxing on a yacht :)  ...what? I have to dream big!

Although the website is up and people can visit, its not complete by any means.  So this week I have spent every night working on pieces, pictures and of course the actual store.  It is still a slow process and I need more content but IT WILL be complete by next Friday.  Setting a deadline will help me stay motivated and help with my intention* to not procrastinate!

Here is a little peak at the pieces in the online store!

*To read about Designing my life with intentions read this post!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fashion Friday ~ Stella Jewelry Edition

I was planning a cute Montauk inspired 4th of July outfit for Fashion Friday but then I spent the last two days working on a video for Stella Jewelry.  Jewelry is fashion after all so this counts as my fashion post.

Remember when I talked about my friend Blair and his TV Showed Tuned Out?  Well he is working on running the show on a local network and needs sponsors for commercials, hence a video for us.  With no budget, a camera, very little time and some jewelry Blair spent the last two nights filming, directing, editing, and listening to me being picky and vague with my descriptions.  The outcome is a cute video of my beautiful friend Brianna wearing our jewelry around town. 

The only story line to the video is that our pieces are for everyday life, simple but fun for any occasion.  Please watch the video and leave us a comment on what you think? 

I am so happy with the video and can’t believe something I created is on video looking professional.  Silly I know but its kind of weird to see someone online wearing my jewelry.  In reviewing the process the only changes I would make would be for me to find a way to be clearer about what I want and define the story beforehand.  When I say this I don’t mean for you to think the video isn’t what I want, because it is. If I had been clearer and more descriptive about what I wanted filming and production would have been easier for Blair and Brianna.  I am simply reviewing the process so I can grow as a person and creating a business with intention.

Thank You’s

~ Viva La Cupcake ~ Thank you for allowing us to use your store to film and thank you making amazing chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes!  If you are in Roanoke you must visit it them on Grandin Road.

~ Obvious Thanks to Blair for all he did and for supporting us!

~Thank you to Brianna, who not only modeled but styled the shoot!  You were gorgeous!

~ My little Brother who helped with production.

~ Thank you to my friends who played extras, sorry most of the scenes didn’t make the cut.

~ Taryn, thank you again for the logo! We love it.

~Krystal, thank you for buying a piece straight from the shoot.  You are so sweet and supportive of us.