Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Baking

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday filled with family, friends & lots of laughs.  I spent the entire day with my brother & parents being lazy, watching movies & eating my favorite meal of the year!!

After eating entirely to much for lunch I was craving something sweet for dinner & decided to bake some cookies from an old English recipe.  They are the perfect combination of savory & sweet.

Again this week I only took pictures of food on instagram,whats up with that?  There has to be other more interesting things in my life? Oh well I am still linking up with A {little} dash of Ash to show off the pics!

Look at that golden goodness, don't they look delish?


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Friday Fancies ~ Winter White

Although it's after labor day, an all white look seems to cozy and perfect for winter to me. 

I opted for a simple cardigan and a fun layered panel skirt. I love the distressed seams. Nude booties seemed like a must seen as I hate white shoes.  They belong in a bad 80s music video.

.........and lets talk about the ring, the perfect amount of color. I am insanely jealous of anyone who can rock this piece!

Are you for or against white this time of year?

Take a look at the other Friday Fancies over at {longdistanveloving}.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a little Turquiose

Just like every girl I am a huge fan of little Tiffany Blue Boxes & by the look of my Pinterest I can't get enough of the color in general.

Chanel / Suitcases / Pillows / Outfit 1, 2, 3

From gorgeous shoes to Chanel nail polish & Vintage suitcases there really isn't anything I don't love about the cool color.  I also love that it looks great with neutrals & bright colors like coral & orange. 

I am itching to try my hand at a DIY project for a ottoman similar to the one above or maybe an upholstered bench.  However knowing me I will get bored half way through and never complete it.  Do you have a color that you are always drawn to? 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Instagram link up.

Last month I finally bit the Apple & bought the iPhone.  I am so glad I made the switch it has made things so much simpler.  I can blog on the go, take payments through my Square for Stella Jewelry & I finally have Instagram!

So I am linking up with a {little} dash of ash to show off my pictures from the last week.  I only have two :-/ & both are food.  Oh well I will work on being more creative however these were by far by favorite meals this week.

The concept of Chicken & Waffles is still new to me, it seems like an odd combination.  Odd but AMAZING!  For a little holiday get together a friend made a Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls from Pinterest.  Although the recipe called for enough butter to make Paula Deen proud they were so yummy & very addictive.

Hope everyone had a great weekend filled with holiday cheer!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Fancies ~ Time to Sparkle

Friday Fancies ~ Time to Sparkle

As a 80's baby & a child of the 90's I cannot ever get enough Sparkle. So todays Friday Fancies is perfect for me!

I thought about going crazy and creating my best 100% glitter outfit a la the Spice Girls. Then I remembered this adorable Lina Silk Skirt I found on Pinterest. It's so feminine & flirty.

A low key top & shoes were a must to ensure nothing was taken away from the skirt. Then to add a bit more glitter fun, Jimmy Choo purse.

I am already looking forward a couple of Fridays to create a fab New Years Eve outfit, there is bound to be lots more Sparkle there.

Hope everyone enjoys my Friday Fancies ~ be sure to stop by {longdistanceloving} to see more amazing looks.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Working on my Business!!

Another week & no time to blog again.  I also can’t seem to get in the Christmas Spirit.  I’m super tired from work & all I want to do it work on making Stella a real business so days in the office drag along so slowly.  It’s been awhile since I blogged about business plans so here are some updates.

Our website needs some loving but we are slowly getting there.  I need to magically become a fancy graphic designer.  Online sales are slow and we appreciate everyone we have.  With time restraints I’m having a hard time updating the new items we make, I’m hoping in the New Year to dedicate more time to this.

Last week we had a small booth on a local farmers market with other vendors, the first time we did this we did rather well.  This week not so much, I was a little disappointed however it was freezing and who wants to stand outside looking at jewelry when they can be inside with hot chocolate.  However the night was not a total bust.  After the event we went to the Tuned Out Christmas Party at a local bar.  We had the jewelry with us & sold 6 pieces while at the bar.  Guess I just need to take the jewelry to the bar from now on J Liquor can only help sales right?

Sunday my friend Kristin kindly included our pieces in a photo shoot, we are super excited to see all the shots.  Here’s a sneak peak;

Thank you Kristin & Krystal.

I'll be back with a fun fashion post tomorrow for Friday Fancies.  This week its all about the Sparkle!!  

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Fancies

Friday Fancies


I find myself overbooked often in life, so many obligations personally and professionally.  With the holidays fast approaching my calendar is always full.

For this weeks Friday Fancies I pulled together a look to carry me through the holiday parties.  What I would give for this gorgeous Victorica Beckham dress, its only $3200, bargin right? With the high neckline of the dress I wanted to concentrate on the earrings and ring being focal points & those Fendi Shoes, I NEED.   

Now I need to get it together and buy some gifts, reading about all the bloggers who are done & have everything wrapped is making me feel a little insecure.  Are you done yet?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Im Pinning again

This week I haven't had much time to spend on Pinterest, which is probably a good thing.  I have beeen crazy busy at both jobs & have been on the hunt for gifts in between.  All while missing England like crazy, as I always do during the holidays.  However I did manage to find some NYE dress & make up inspirations, a cute nail idea & a fab idea for all those vacation memories.

I can't wait to Get Crafty & empty the some of my boxes full of travel memories.  I think the frames would look great mixed in with photographs on a gallery wall.  I also am dying over the dress, I doubt I will find anything like this in Roanoke but I might find time to glam up a LBD I have at home with some rhinestones.   

What fab things have you found on Pinterest lately?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I am beginning to have an obsession with all social sites & I almost can't keep up.

I covert every girls hair & nails on Pinterest, why do they always have perfect nails?

I pretend im a stylist on Polyvore!

I celeb stalk on Twitter!  dont judge you know you do too!!

I live vicariously through peoples travel on Intsagram.

Facebook is still the staple Social site.

Now i've discovered Beso!  A shopping site that lets you shop all your favorite brands from one site,  lets you know the best deal & where you can create collections (kind of like a board on Pinterest).  All my favorite stores in one location ~ AMAZING!!

Does anyone else use Beso?  What other social sites should I become addicted to?

Monday, December 5, 2011


I have a million bracelets & rarely go a day without one, recently I have been looking for a few statement pieces for the winter to pair with some thinner pieces I have. 

When browsing Beso I found this adorable City Lights Bracelet & fell in Love again with the London calling bracelet.

I am always missing home at this time of year.  There is nothing like getting in the holiday spirit shopping in Manchester & London with the cool air, markets & Christmas lights everywhere.  These bracelets embody those memories & would be a perfect pop of color for layering.

A present for myself??