Thursday, December 15, 2011

Working on my Business!!

Another week & no time to blog again.  I also can’t seem to get in the Christmas Spirit.  I’m super tired from work & all I want to do it work on making Stella a real business so days in the office drag along so slowly.  It’s been awhile since I blogged about business plans so here are some updates.

Our website needs some loving but we are slowly getting there.  I need to magically become a fancy graphic designer.  Online sales are slow and we appreciate everyone we have.  With time restraints I’m having a hard time updating the new items we make, I’m hoping in the New Year to dedicate more time to this.

Last week we had a small booth on a local farmers market with other vendors, the first time we did this we did rather well.  This week not so much, I was a little disappointed however it was freezing and who wants to stand outside looking at jewelry when they can be inside with hot chocolate.  However the night was not a total bust.  After the event we went to the Tuned Out Christmas Party at a local bar.  We had the jewelry with us & sold 6 pieces while at the bar.  Guess I just need to take the jewelry to the bar from now on J Liquor can only help sales right?

Sunday my friend Kristin kindly included our pieces in a photo shoot, we are super excited to see all the shots.  Here’s a sneak peak;

Thank you Kristin & Krystal.

I'll be back with a fun fashion post tomorrow for Friday Fancies.  This week its all about the Sparkle!!  

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