Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How lucky is this girl?

Imagine being invited to a party in Malibu, sounds amazing right?  The sun, sand, gorgeous people, gorgeous homes.  What more could you want?  How about job offer from Victoria Beckham?  I would pass out just seeing her and her husband at the same party of me. I am sure that will never happen to me lol. 

For a little known actress Alice Greczyn it did. Crazy right? According to reports while she was a barbecue in Malibu, Victoria offered her a position as the face of Victoria Beckham Denim.

She seems like a great fit to Beckham's, brand the jeans seem to be effortlessly chic, lots of skinny jeans that look amazing with stilettos and of course over sized Posh sunglasses.  I think Alice looks adorable in the sunglasses and I love that they didn't photo shop her freckles out.  It gives a relatable connection to the model that she is like lots of other girls

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