Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What would Gibbs do?

He would follow his gut, ALWAYS! Hence this being my new motto.

I have talked a few times about needing to follow my gut in life. About how I often ignore that feeling and the outcomes all differ from what I want.  So to create my life with the right intention for me I am going to listen to my gut 100%.

Using my gut in Business
I have spent a long time thinking about how can I get our jewelry online, way to long in fact.  I have analyzed fees, photos, design restrictions, pay pal buttons and my limited website knowledge for hours.  I have played with Etsy and LOVE Etsy but my pieces get lost in the mix.  I need a lot of time to keep pieces relevant on the site and until I have that I need a simple shopping cart on Stella Jewelry Store. Hence my discovery of Big Cartel

I was hesitant at first and looked through the site a couple of times pondering my worries.  In reality I was just holding myself back from taking the next step in business and ultimately ignoring the annoying feeling that said JUST DO IT.  Maybe I am scared to see what I can really do with our jewelry, maybe it will be too much to handle and maybe it will fail, that definitely scares me. 

However, not taking the next step is making me fail before I even start.  I am failing at making decisions for our company (I'm a Libra so decisions are really complicated for me lol).  If I was on NCIS and this was some sort f mystery I would have definitely received a Gibbs slap and told to just do it.

So the first act of following my gut is signing up for Big Cartel and it integrates with my website seamlessly.  I can't wait to get everything loaded to show you all and so far my gut thanks me for listening.  

Thank you to everyone who left sweet comments on prior posts about following my gut!

Has anyone else used Big Cartel for their small business?  How did it work for you?


  1. that actually looks like a good idea... I might have to check into that if I ever get this thing up and runninh... are u just doing the free subscription to start out?

  2. Yeah it would be great for you. Def. need to promote it myself online but it seems great. I paid $19.99 for me to put 100 items online with 5 pictures for each piece and 10 customer pages. The great thing is that there is no contract so if its not working in a couple of months I can cancel the store :)