Friday, May 6, 2011

A trip down memory lane....

When I was approximately twelve my Mum took my brother and me to London for the first time.  It was around the time Jurassic Park came out so she wanted to take us to the see the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Hall and the British Museum of History.  I was amazed by the city, so vibrant and busy. So different than my little Northern Market Town. 

We visited Harrod’s on that trip which ultimately caused my shopping addiction.  Exiting the classic London Cab we were greeted at the door by gentlemen in trademark green jackets and hats, I entered the store and gazed in amazement.   Fabulously dressed shoppers and sales associates, elaborate and enticing displays on each floor, stocked with gorgeous clothing, shoes, anything you wanted.  We entered the Toy department, verging on my teenage years I wasn’t as interested in this department as I was the designer clothing, until I saw the teddy bear collections.  Beautiful classic teddy bears perfectly sewn and stuffed, nothing like the cheap Build a Bear shells of today. They were bears a child would have a lifetime, made to last through the wear and tear of the roughest child’s adventures.  I analyzed and debated which my favorite was, all of them were my favorite, I’ve always been the worst at choosing.  Eventually I chose a beautiful white unicorn instead of the Classic Teddy Bear; the silver glitter on the horn sealed the deal.  The sales associate was beyond friendly and complimented my choice which was just the icing on the cake for my first luxury shopping trip.  The way the lovely associate made me feel made me a Harrods fan for life.        

I have visited Harrod’s a number of times since I was so young and each experience was just a lovely.  The delicious food halls, beautiful gifts and the Golden staircase and Princess Diana memorial and of course the clothes, the clothes are everything.  

As I plan my big vacation to England I am factoring in plenty of time to visit my favorite department store and today I found out Harrod’s now has guided bus tours on Vintage Double Decker buses.  I have taken other bus tours in major cities where you can hop on and off as you please.  Although they are so typically touristy they have been a great way to see lots of things in a short period of time.  The bonus with the Harrod’s tour is you can have lunch at Harrods.  How perfectly yummy, I can’t wait. 

What is your favorite shopping memory as a child?  Has anyone taken a bus tour, what are your thoughts on their value?

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