Monday, June 11, 2012

Rewind 3 weeks!!

In case you are unaware I have a slight obsession with Maroon 5, its not a crazy obsession like a 12 year old has with Justin Beiber.  It's definitely more mature, the kind where you stalk Twitter for clues to their location before & after concerts.  

A few weekends ago I was on a mission to see my beloved men, specifically Adam Levine so we drove up to Baltimore for Preakness.  Literally everything frustrating that could happen, happened. From lost reservations, delayed transportation, missing half the concert, dead car batteries & 5 gallons of split milk, originally I couldn't wait for the weekend to be over.

Looking back even with all the issues the weekend was great.  We enjoyed sometime at the Shenandoah Vineyard, which if you are ever travelling on I-81 in Virginia, its worth a quick stop.  The view was gorgeous, the staff friendly & the wine delicious.

I really loved the walls coated in wine bottle labels from all over!  Such a great detail. 

On of my favorite spots in Baltimore is a 10 minute drive from the Inner Harbor to Canton.  Its a great entertainment area full of bars, restaurants & sweet stores.  Next time you are there visit Nacho Mama's.  They have incredible food, specifically the Quesadilla's.  I usually opt of the Gouda & Crab but their are at least 30 other amazing options.  In the summer there is nothing I love more than a refreshing Margarita & Nacho Mamas does margarita right.   

They come in a Hub Cap & are delicious. These are normally meant for sharing however Kristin clearly was hogging the whole thing :)

Then there was Adam! I mean how could he not make the weekend wonderful!!

Even with all the ups and downs great memories were made & I got to enjoy some of my favorite things!!  Have you had a vacation or weekend away that nothing seemed to go right with? 

Hope you all had a great weekend & Monday!

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