Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy International Womens Day.

So its a little after midnight but March 08, 2011 was International Women's Day.  I will admit I don't know much about the organization but basically they celebrate and bring awareness to women's equality and rights.

So while I read up a little bit about the organization, which you can do here, I thought about a women who inspires me! 

I know some of you are going to read this and think, wow she inspires you? shes always moody and is stuck up, and from the way she looks sometimes in tabloids I don't blame you for thinking that.  However, there is so much more to this women, I know cause we are friends!

Ok we aren't friends, I can dream of meeting my living idol right? 

For better or worse I have always loved Victoria Beckham's style, clothes, hair, shoes, make up and honestly that has not changed in the last decade as she grew up and changed my taste did too, and thank god! lol  .............Although I still love glitter lol  However not only is she one of the most fashionable people.  I admire her for lots of other reasons, some superficially and some a little deeper:

* She is an amazing business women, she has branded herself and her husband over the years, much like style, her brands evolved.
* She is funny, don't let the pout fool you, you would look like that with a hundred people taking your picture every time you get out of the car. 
* Shes British :)
* She seems to be a great mother and a great wife and stands by her husband. Who of course is hot! How could not admire her taste in men when shes married to David Beckham.
* She has overcome a lot of issues from death threats, tabloid gossip and hatred just for being who she is. I admire the strength she must have to continue to deal with these things.
* She was a Spice Girl ~ girl power!
* She doesn't take herself to seriously.
* She goes for what she wants and doesn't seem to give up until she gets it.
* She really has become an amazing designer, I love her structured dresses and now has a gorgeous bag line.
* She really is Posh and always has perfect hair.

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