Wednesday, March 23, 2011

lets talk about someone else....

I am having having trouble with things to blog about.  I have plenty to say but not sure that I should always say it lol or that you would want to read it.  I want to find a more clear direction for the blog not just my random postings.  So while I ponder that I figured I would talk to you about one of my friends.

My friend Blair is a TV obsessed, comedian of sorts.  You know the type of guy who always says "that's what she said" and half the time it isn't funny or doesn't make sense? Ok well actually he is really funny, I just like to give him a hard time about his sexist jokes :) He also literally knows everything about about sitcoms and whats going on in TV.  Not so good with my genre of murder mystery shows tho, he doesn't share my love of NCIS but he will watch the Kardashians with me :)

His dream would be to be on SNL or 30 Rock and make millions of people laugh.  He has been writing/producing/acting in skits since he was little and has even worked with MTV.  So I want to introduce you to his latest project "Tuned Out"

"TUNED OUT is a documentary-style sitcom, locally produced in Roanoke, Virginia. The series begins when a camera crew shows up to follow the daily antics of a small-town, religious radio station “Good God FM”.
Little does the staff know that the station has been sold and flipped to a “Top 40″ format… which comes to light with the hire of a new disc jockey who has to break the news. Now, the inept staff has to adapt to the unfamiliar and then the chaos ensues. 
In addition to the changes on the surface, the personal lives of the new “Pop FM” begin to unravel… like a highly dysfunctional soap opera!"

Now the show can be a little controversial to some but in a light hearted way! Plus he is a preachers kid, so he feels he has a pass when it comes to religious jokes :)

You can watch the show on Youtube or at  If you are in NYC you can also watch it every other Sunday at 11-PM on MNN-4 in NYC (TW-67, RCN-85, Verizon-36). How exciting that his show is on in NYC? He could possible be making millions laugh without SNL!

Part of this blog kind of sounded like a ad for Blair, well ladies he's single, has a car and job, which in this economy is always good! So let me know if your interested :) 

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