Monday, March 14, 2011

appreciate the little things

The devastation in Japan is pretty much all I thought about all weekend.  I feel for those people who have lost family, friends, homes, pets, belongings, everything.  The pictures seem so unreal, their neighborhoods turned into junk yards, part of me wants to ignore the news and go on with my daily life safe in America just so I don't get upset but that would be just ignorant/selfish of me to do. 

The situation has made me think about many things in my life, what would I do if we had a major natural disaster here? The people of Japan in my opinion are handling the situation extremely well and with a lot of dignity.  The pictures of people lining up at the grocery store, no riots, no chaos.  They understand they are all in need and are patience and helping each other.  I don't feel like that would happen here, I would hope we would have the compassion for each other but would we really? 

The little things we get upset, stressed and worry about seem so irrelevant.  A few weeks ago I listed one of my goals for living a life with intention as to enjoy the little things.  I really haven't put much effort into this intention to date and I am regretting that.  What if something happens tomorrow and I didn't appreciate the email from an old friend, the sun shining, dinner with friends and family?  This intention is now my priority, not my business. I want to work to live and not live to work and if I am enjoying the little things in life and am happy my passion for my business will be natural and I will enjoy all my successes small and big.

If you would like to help :

Text REDCROSS to 90999 to Give $10Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami

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  1. great post. you're so right - we allow the littlest things to bother us sometimes. when you see what the people of japan are going through it really puts things into perspective...

    my thoughts are with them.