Friday, June 3, 2011

Busy busy bee

Ever since the blogger issues a few weeks ago I haven't been motivated to write any blogs.  Its not because I haven't had plenty to say, I've just been so busy I haven't taken the time to put my thoughts onto paper online.

So whats keeping me so busy you ask? Well a number of things, of course work which we won't talk about because its extra boring. Ill bullet otherwise this could be a really long post :)

* Weddings ~ In 2011 about 8 of my friends are getting married and three of them were in the last Month.  So with weddings comes shopping for dresses, gifts, cards, shoes. Congrats Jamie & Caleb, Jess & Chris and Kayla & Fredy!

*England ~ I have been spending a lot of my time online looking for flights, hotels, contacting friends so I can finalize the details of my big trip home.  I am excited to say things are coming together.  Ill be home on August 28th for 3 weeds YAY.  The first week I will spend in my hometown with family, visiting friends and some of my favorite places from childhood.  Oh and of course my childhood best friend, Andrea's Wedding.  Then on Sept 8th, my best friend Kristin is flying over to do a bit of sight seeing. We are going to visit York and London then off to Guernsey to see Lucy get married.

*Stella ~ I am in a rut with the jewelry business.  I have had some great feedback, advice and opportunities recently but feel like I'm stopping short and can't figure out what I need to get to the next step.  Sometimes I know what needs to be done but my execution falls short.  Frustrating BUT I do have some good updates.  Stella Jewelry is now being carried in Rocky Mount, Va at the Rocky Mount Center for the Arts & The Grainery, they have great art and glass blowing on site.  I recommend anyone stopping by if they are in the area.  Also we are going to be part of the Bella Womens Luncheon & Evening Social ~ Roanoke ladies get your tickets its going be a great event.

I just made these and think I need to keep them :)

*Memorial Day ~  In addition to working a lot over the holiday weekend at my fun job.  I spent a few hours baking, decorating and delivering cupcakes, brownies, candy and thank you notes to the Veterans at the VA Hospital.  It was great to get together with my co-workers and hopefully brighten a soldiers day.

*In addition to everything else I have also have birthdays, helping with my Mums store, extra hours at the PT Fun job, everyday errands and just trying to take some time for me, which doesn't really ever work out well. 

So I'm back to blogging and have some posts in mind already hopefully you will enjoy them.

*Friendships ~ broad topic I know :)
*Travel ~ I have a couple of posts about places Ive been and dream of going.
*Understanding ~ I really think understanding is the key to all aspects of life.
*Meet my friends ~ I have some really talented friends to talk about.
*My Birch Box ~ Beauty related posts from my Birch Box samples.

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