Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'll be missing you..

Today is the anniversary of my father passing.  No matter how much time goes by, how much I grow as a person and learn to let go this day is always hard for me. There will always a piece of my heart missing,  I will always remember every minute of that day 18 years ago. I am thankful for my Mum, brother and step Dad who love me and have always been there for me and helped me through the rough times. 

As horrible as my familys loss is, I have learnt from the situation. I love and care about people more than they probably know because you really don't know what could happen.  I also realized I spent to much of my life being sad about what was missing or happened that I was missing the present.  I now  do my best to appreciate the fun I had and enjoy those great memories.

~ I love and miss you Daddy, I know your watching over me ~

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