Wednesday, June 29, 2011


To most of the world sacrifice is negative.  You must give up something in order to have something else, figuratively and literally.  Time, money, relationships, whatever it maybe the word indicates a loss or an inconvenience.  I however am turning my sacrifice's into a positive in my business.

Creating a business is HARD.  Its is scary, frustrating, exhausting, expensive and insecure.  I could probably go on with the list of negatives for a while but the truth is, I am tired of the negative. I am tired of me focusing on the negative, tired of negative energy around me in my friendships and work life.  As I work to change those areas I do not want it to seep into my business.  I want to be very conscious that every fail is actually and opportunity to grow, that every dollar spent will eventually be returned and ultimately know that all the negatives lead to one POSITIVE, my business. 

I am recognising that creating a business is rewarding, fulfilling, freeing, spontaneous, educational, it has infinite potential. All positives derived from the negatives. 

Over the next two months I am excited to sacrifice my time to focus on Stella Jewelry.  I see potential in the website that I need to put into action, I am determined to have the online store completed.  The fall collection needs to be ready by August 10th and I need to truly spend time on marketing the company.  I am going to stop complaining about falling short and just make things happen.

So if I don't have time to hang out to grab a quick dinner I hope my friends and family understand.  I am not being anti social and I shall return to the social scene eventually.  Wearing fabulous Stella Jewelry of course!


  P.S ~ Thank you to Mum, Mama Rousis, Melanie, Brianna, Amanda, Trina, Krystal, Taryn and even Blair and my brother Tony.  You have supported us all in different ways and we really appreciate it! <3

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