Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashion Friday

So Fashion Friday has been MIA for weeks due to my busy schedule and lack of motivation.  Well it's back and I am determined to stick with it. 

This will be a quick blog about my current shoe obsession.  I have been a huge fan of Toms for sometime, I love that when I buy a pair of shoes someone else gets a pair too.  So my summer shoe splurge might just be these beauties:


I've been looking for an accessory or maybe a blazer in watermelon or coral to add some color to my summer wardrobe and these might be the perfect option.  They look really comfortable with a reasonable heel height of 3 1/2 inches.  Perfect with Jeans, a floral dress or even to add a pop of color with a black cotton dress.
Does anyone else buy Toms? Whats your favorite style?  My friend Tricia just bought the sparkly pink classic Toms and they are so cute.
Check out the Toms website to learn about his One for One movement.

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