Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

When we first moved to America I was so excited for Thanksgiving. I get to enjoy my Mums holiday cooking & the time off school was a exciting too.  Tomorrows no different, except school is traded for a day off work, kind of.

I work part time at a retail store so I will up early the next day to enjoy another crazy Black Friday :)

I picked out a fun outfit that I would love to be rocking tomorrow.  Dressy but not as festive as a Christmas outfit. Those Louboutin booties are so lovely and with the warm weather around here this week the perfect fall shoe.

In reality ill probably wake up & put on my Va Tech Hoodie & jeans then watch movies all day or NCIS...i hope theres a marathon!!

Do you dress up for thanksgiving or go for comfort?

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