Friday, November 18, 2011

Mix it up ~ Friday Fancies

Mix it up

I am linking up with the adorable {av} again for Friday Fancies.  This week was all about mixing patterns, something that I do not do & frankly I never wear bright colors either. However, I want to be more creative with my wardrobe so this posed as a perfect opportunity to look outside my box.

I love the overall look with the polka dots & the statement necklace, which is so not normally me. Against my normal style rules I went with the lace flats (normally I would opt for boring black leather), what do you think?

Be honest a do or a don't? :)

Anyway I am off to see some vampire's and werewolve's tonight! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

P.S. looking for some Thanksgiving Table decor ideas pop over here? My Mum gave her two cents, im loving the clean whites and greens!

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  1. I love playing around with the polka dot prints. Love that necklace.

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