Monday, February 27, 2012

Never enough time

Right now I am really struggling to have time for everything in my life.  I know I am in control of my schedule but sometimes it just seems all out of my hands.  I am terrified I am letting people down personally & professionally yet I don't have energy to be 100 % in any aspect of life.  I have a million ideas, dreams & to do lists running through my mind that I can't keep up all the time.

I have talked before about making changes but somehow I just keep finding reasons why I can't follow through.  I am trying so hard to get past those feelings but it's hard to leave jobs you love & are comfortable with to possibly pursue my dreams of making Stella Jewelry successful.  Honestly, its hard concentrating on the normal everyday things I need to do.  Right now I am spending all my free time working on a Spring Collection & can't wait to launch it but due to other commitments I haven't got the time to meet my deadlines.

In effort to become more intentional with my time I am signing up for Teuxdeux, it seems like a great website/app to keep track of everything going on & what needs to be done.  I hope that I also can get a better grip on what I can do to make my free time more productive because to be honest right now I am so drained on the weekends I don't feel like doing anything. 

Has anyone used it or do you have any good advice on time management & pursuing your dreams while working full time?


  1. I love those earrings.

    I'm headed to check out teuxdeux!


    1. Thank you, they are one of my favorites from our collection!

  2. I completely understand how you feel. Sometimes it's scary to put aside something to pursue a dream, but honestly you gotta at least try or you'll never know what could have been. And I know I'd rather have tried & failed, than never tried & always wondered! And if you try hard enough I believe you will succeed :) Good luck missy!! :)

    1. Very true, I would rather fail than have regret!! Thank you!! Hope you are having a fab week!!