Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!!

Happy Leap Day!! Shouldn't it be a holiday?

As a kid my dad would remind me that this was the only day a girl could propose to her boyfriend based on an old Irish tradition.  I remember giggling in my loft bed thinking he was crazy that girls should never do that.

However is it a crazy tradition?  Engagements, to me should be somewhat of a surprise & obviously a celebration.  However women get tired of waiting, men don't want to deal with the hoopla & I know many people who plan on getting married without a proposal.  You know like Big & Carrie, no romance, no celebration;

 “I guess its time we get married” “Yea I guess it is, ok” “Great, what’s for dinner?”

I have no doubt this can work for people but why wouldn’t you want the excitement of it all?  Too many people feel like marriage is just the next logical step & there's nothing wrong with thinking that.  However just because it's supposed to be whats next, doesn't mean its the right thing.  Shouldn't the man want to ask you in a grand or thoughtful way? 
If there is no excitement about getting engaged, will you be excited to plan the wedding, to actually get married?? I think the engagement can set the tone of the wedding & who wants to sit through a business lunch reception. 

Maybe the Irish have it right; if your boyfriend hasn’t proposed to you & you don't want to wait, why not use this day to break the norm.  Get excited, plan something fitting for your relationship.  What a great story to tell your friends today & grandchildren in the years to come. 

So ladies take the "leap" & pop the question.

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