Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Todays the day

Tom's Ballet Flats are finally here!  I have been waiting for this day since November & have no patience when it comes to things I want but can't have yet, so you can imagine how excited I am!

I am in love with the TOMS message of giving back & love supporting this company. 

Now I can't decide what color to buy! Story of my life I am never able to make important decisions!!

Fun blue for a pop of color, classic black or a lovely pink for spring??

Which would you choose??

P.S.  The old lady in me with a bad ankle in me is super excited about these features :)

  • Hidden wedge for added height and support

  • Padded heel cushion

  • Two-layer insert with EVA foam and latex for plush comfort

    1. I'm so incredibly excited for them! Cannot choose but am leaning toward the pink suede!

    2. black tights and flats are always my favorite combination! Precious shoes too!

      XO. Britt

    3. Omg! I got the release email from Tom's and almost died! They are SO CUTE!!!