Monday, February 28, 2011

28 days later

I have been away from the blogging world for over a week now and I have to admit I have kind of missed it.  I went away for the weekend to Atlanta and had a great time but unfortunately I have been ill ever since I got back. 

I am not quite 100 % but I wanted to try and get back in the routine of blogging and have a couple of things I really want to post.  The first being
NO FAST FOOD FEBRUARY IS OVER and I am excited to have completed my goal.  In fact I plan to continue to stay away from fast food as much a possible.  I feel much better not eating so much junk when I am on the run.  I will admit it was tough when driving down to Atlanta not to just want to pick up something quickly but I did it. 

However, I do want to evaluate types of foods or restaurants that may not be considered fast food but might as well be.  When I planned No Fast Food February I didn't factor in Pizza and Paneras as fast food, but I recently started using and it categorizes your purchased for you.  It feels that Panera is fast food.  Obviously a Soup and Salad there is going to be a much better choice than that Bacon Cheeseburger so I think I'm ok with allowing this as an option when I need something quick.  Pizza on the other hand I am putting in the fast food bucket.  I guess because I don't eat it to often at home or out that I didn't think of as something I would like to cut back but it is.  Although its a yummy comfort food its not the healthiest.

I am working on options for packing my own lunch so I don't get bored with what I am making.  There is only so many turkey sandwiches and lean cuisines I can take.  What are your suggestions for a packed lunch?

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