Friday, February 11, 2011

My Week

I know you are all patiently waiting to know how my week went, right?  Oh your not? Ok well I’m going to share anyway. J

Last weekend was not very eventful.

It started out sad by going to support a friend who lost her father.  I know she will be ok but it hurts me to know she has to go through the pain I remember so strongly from when I was a child.  Times like this renew my thoughts on loving your family and friends as much as you can and making sure they know you do.  Sometimes that’s hard to do, life gets busy, people make mistakes and hurt each other but regardless if you care about someone we should always take a second to tell them.

Saturday ~ I helped a high school friend pick out her Wedding Dress.  I was excited to help; I love shopping and love looking at the dresses.  She asked me to make her a Bridal headpiece because I’m “creative”; I know what she wants and am pretty confident I can make it but what if she doesn’t like it?  It’s the most important day of her life; I don’t want her to be disappointed.  Oh and I won’t see her before the wedding so I won’t know until then if she likes it or not agh! 

Sunday ~ I spent most of the day de-cluttering my life, throwing away things I don’t need and getting things together to donate or sell.  It felt good to clear out the unnecessary things I had laying around.  I know this will help simplify and organize my life.  I also went grocery shopping, I never do a real grocery shop, so I got things to pack lunches for work and light snacks instead of junk food!!

The rest of the week I have spent my spare time with friends and family.  I had a girl’s night with my Mum; we went shopping and got some great deals, had our hair done and went to dinner.  Unfortunately the service at dinner was horribleL.  Yesterday; I met some girls from my part time job and went to one of their son’s basketball game.  8 yrs old playing sports is sooo cute, he scored 3 pts and played great.  You can tell they love just playing to play and aren’t upset if they loose.  The other team however I feel is in a mini basketball boot camp.  They were running plays and had hand signs it was crazy to see them soo into the game on a serious level.  

On the business front, I made some new pieces and bought a printer.  I know exciting stuff buying a printer. I also participated in DIY Desgin Your Life.  You may have already read the blog from earlier in the week if not take a look.  I wrote out six intentions I want to fulfill in my life.  It was great to write out my goals and I have had some great feedback from friends as well as those in the blogging world.  Plus my blog was mentioned on one of my favorite blogs, very exciting!

Today is 11 days into my No Fast Food February and I haven’t stopped at any fast food joint.  I am reevaluating which local restaurants may be consider fast food too.  Plus I am down to two cokes a day and only water after 7 pm.  FYI caffeine withdrawals suck! 

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