Monday, February 7, 2011

Designing my life

Last week I talked about creating the life I want in business and at home.  Since then I have been reading almost everyday.  It is a great blog about living life with intention and the owner's business story is really inspiring. Jess created Jess LC ( as its jewelry, I'm obviously a fan but I love everything about her brand and the fact she started when she was 15 and now has her pieces in over 100 retailers. 

I am finding motivation from the blog, to simplify my life, figuratively and literally and to listen to my gut, trust my instincts and do what I want with this life and not what other suggest is right for me.  I know my family and friends offer their advice in support of me and I couldn't ask for better supporters, but pushing my own ideas and wants away is not helping me move forward.

As part of her DIY Design Your life I am writing six intentions I want to fulfill with my life, kind of my like a more serious version of my 30 before 30.

I have by no means had a terrible or hard life but I have had my struggles and although I feel like I've overcome the tragedies in my life well, I know there are parts of me hanging on.  Those parts of me stop me from truly living.  Loosing my father at eleven has affected my whole life, some good some bad.  I now know that you should cherish everyone you love everyday because you never know what could happen to them.  I feel like this is a good trait but also hinders me as I am constantly worried about what if I lose someone, this I need to let go of and enjoy every moment with them.  This also stops me from opening up to people or opportunities as I am scared to loose something I had or am comfortable with.  I plan to make a conscious effort to be more open to change.

With the speed of life and the million and one things always going on I forget to enjoy the little things.  I want to seek out something beautiful that we normally take for granted each day.

As I am still working full time, I am dedicated to the spending my free time building my brand and product lines so that ultimately I can make this my career.

They say once you find a job you love it will never feel like work and you will be successful as you are passionate about what you do.  I know I can make something of my hand made jewelry and know its what I love.  I need to put my "gut" feelings into actions and I will be successful.  To get started I am making over my website and setting up the look book photo shoot.

I have been very lucky to travel throughout the US and in other countries.  I feel like every time I travel a part of me is found.  I want to experience other cultures and be open to what the world has to offer.  There is a real difference between visiting somewhere and experiencing a city/country.  I only want to experience places in my travels and will start  by seeking out the non tourist activities in my future adventures.

I have to make a confession that I am a Coca-Cola addict,  I want to be healthier and I know the sodas are not helping.  With my No Fast Food February I am also taking the opportunity to cut back my cokes.  This doesn't seem like a very serious intention to design my life by but to be healthier over all is something I want and this is part of that.

My final intention is to learn how the blogging world works, how does a link up work? How do I change my template from something not in the simple options?  I also know I have bad grammar and I am working on consciously thinking about what I was taught not how I text lol.

I am my intentions will change over time and I am excited to have goals to meet and can't wait to be able to update my progress.


  1. What a great post, Rox! With that type of attitude you will get far in your journey. xoxox

  2. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful DIY DYL interview! It is so great to hear about your intentions and see how you are making them an active part of your life in so many ways. Best of luck with them all - and of course have fun growing Stella jewelry. :)

  3. great post! found you via DYL : ) i just started pursuing my passion full-on and it's so rewarding. trust your gut - you can do it!

    i'm your newest follower!
    ps i'm hosting a gourmet chocolate GIVEAWAY! you should check it out : )

  4. Great post and congrats on finding your passion. I've just flicked back through your first two posts as well. A brit that doesn't like tea? Well I never! I'm an aussie living in the UK getting used to tea.

  5. love it! ha, now if only I could be as confident and go-getting as you! (ok, so go-getting may not be a real word, but whatever) You know what I like about you though Roxy? You've got moxie. That's right, Roxy's got moxie!

  6. Thank you to everyone for the lovely comments. I am about to go check out the chocolate givaway :)

    @Jenna you have lots of talent so you can be a go-getter too :)