Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No Fast Food February

One of my 30 before 30 is to stop eating fast food for a month.  Working two jobs made it easy for me to have an excuse to use drive thru's to often as I was always rushing from one place to another.  So with my life being less rushed and fewer hours at the part time job I am using February as my No Fast Food month.  As I am writing this I just realized I picked the shortest month.  Wow my subconscious is smart lol.

As of today I feel like this will be an easy task, there is no reason why I HAVE to have fast food, except for the fact chicken minis are sooo good lol.  I just need to plan my busy days better and make sure to actually take a lunch to work with me instead of just saying "ill run out for lunch".  I know my friends are saying there is no way you will plan ahead, but I am determined.  I also think I will feel better/healthier at the end which will be great and worth giving up those Sonic Bacon Cheeseburger for.

I will update you as the month goes on and if I slip up and give in I vow to start over again until I complete one month fast food free.


  1. you can do it.... just cook the night before and then pack leftovers.... OR just go get a bunch of lean cuisines or microwaveable lunch thingies.... I just picked up a couple for B, they're on sale right now at Kroger lol....and don't feel bad, I'm trying to quit too, so I'll be feeling your pain. Stay strong my friend!

  2. You didn't mention Wendy's, so that's safe... right?

  3. No Blair, Wendy's is bad for your cholestrol!!!