Friday, July 1, 2011

Fashion Friday ~ Stella Jewelry Edition

I was planning a cute Montauk inspired 4th of July outfit for Fashion Friday but then I spent the last two days working on a video for Stella Jewelry.  Jewelry is fashion after all so this counts as my fashion post.

Remember when I talked about my friend Blair and his TV Showed Tuned Out?  Well he is working on running the show on a local network and needs sponsors for commercials, hence a video for us.  With no budget, a camera, very little time and some jewelry Blair spent the last two nights filming, directing, editing, and listening to me being picky and vague with my descriptions.  The outcome is a cute video of my beautiful friend Brianna wearing our jewelry around town. 

The only story line to the video is that our pieces are for everyday life, simple but fun for any occasion.  Please watch the video and leave us a comment on what you think? 

I am so happy with the video and can’t believe something I created is on video looking professional.  Silly I know but its kind of weird to see someone online wearing my jewelry.  In reviewing the process the only changes I would make would be for me to find a way to be clearer about what I want and define the story beforehand.  When I say this I don’t mean for you to think the video isn’t what I want, because it is. If I had been clearer and more descriptive about what I wanted filming and production would have been easier for Blair and Brianna.  I am simply reviewing the process so I can grow as a person and creating a business with intention.

Thank You’s

~ Viva La Cupcake ~ Thank you for allowing us to use your store to film and thank you making amazing chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes!  If you are in Roanoke you must visit it them on Grandin Road.

~ Obvious Thanks to Blair for all he did and for supporting us!

~Thank you to Brianna, who not only modeled but styled the shoot!  You were gorgeous!

~ My little Brother who helped with production.

~ Thank you to my friends who played extras, sorry most of the scenes didn’t make the cut.

~ Taryn, thank you again for the logo! We love it.

~Krystal, thank you for buying a piece straight from the shoot.  You are so sweet and supportive of us.

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