Tuesday, August 2, 2011

God Save My Shoes...

Remember when Carrie was allowed into the Vogue Accessory closet and found the Mary Jane Manolo's?  Well that closet was not a set just for the show.  Vogue catalog's and archives their pieces and the shoe collection has to be out of control. 

This fall a new documentary, God Save my Shoes, is airing during Paris Fashion week delving into the obsession we have and they were given access to the closet! AHHH! How jealous I am over that a camera man had access and probably had no idea what the history and importance to fashion those items have?

I can't wait to watch!  Seen as my budget doesn't allow for Louboutin's or Brian Atwoods I generally have a fantasy pair in mind to be my first purchase when I win the lottery.  Right now they are these little sparklers.

"For all the ladies who have told us that "Lady Peep" strass was their dream shoe - you can stop dreaming. She's finally arrived, covered in hand-placed crystals, certain to take your breath away"

They would take my breath way for sure, right after I fall over trying to walk in a 6" heel!  

Are you a shoe lover?  Do you have a fantasy pair?

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