Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jewelry, Hats, Ballrooms & Goregous Flowers

Last week we attended the Bella Magazine Women's Luncheon as vendors & had such an amazing time.

Although the prep work seemed never ending for the last two weeks the lack of sleep was definitely worth it. We met lots of great customers & other vendors.  We enjoyed nibbling on amazing food, had a mini manicure & was able to spend the day in one of Roanoke's most historic renovated Ballroom's.

I was definitely stressed out about the display prior to the event.  I wanted something simple, clean & easily shopable.  Women need to touch and try on jewelry & there is nothing worse that not being able to easily pick something up.  Overall I was happy with the end result.  Women were attracted to our table which is very exciting.  Next time I need to had some height to the display as the mirror needed to be elevated to eye level so it set the table off balance.  I am a little OCD when it comes to balance so it drove be a little nuts, lol.

Beautiful roses adorned the room, cotton candy cones & delicious food lined the tables.  Very girly & flirty & I got to wear a hat, so fabulous & British :)!

What does everyone think of my feather fascinator? 

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