Wednesday, March 21, 2012

England ~ Part 2

  I love days like yesterday, days where the weather gives me the best of both worlds.  The morning had gorgeous blue skies, perfectly (& unusually) warm.  A  windows down, music up kind of day.  Then this afternoon took me back to England with sudden storms.  The smell of the air after the rain falls evokes childhood memories of running for shelter as we played outside or the miserable times I forgot my umbrella & had to walk home from school soaking wet.

England often gets a bad wrap for its weather, however it gives the little country character & in Spring it gives us this:

Beautiful Green Grass & bright yellow daffodils are always a sign Spring is here. 

Then in late April come's the stunning periwinkle forests filed with Bluebell's.

I was lucky enough to live near a small wooded area filed with these beauty's. I remember running through them with no cares in the world!  Ah to be a kid again.  

Hope you all enjoyed your first day of Spring!  I am so glad it time for cute shoes & dresses!  

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