Tuesday, March 13, 2012

England ~ Part One

That's me age eight stuffing my face on holiday.  How amazing was my shell suit?? & that headband? Fabulous!  Clearly I have always been fashionable!!

When I saw this picture today I realized I haven't really talked about my life in England much.  Which is a shame because England has a huge part of my heart & makes me feel complete.  From now on I am dedicating Wednesdays posts to England.  Whether it is about my life there, favorite places, foods or tips for travelers, I want to give you a glimpse in something I love so much.

To catch you up I was born in England & moved to America at 17 when my Step Dad got a job over here.  At first I thought brilliant, it will be just like the movies. NYC, LA, Florida.  Ummm then we moved to Roanoke VA, the middle of nowhere.  Ok, the middle of nowhere is dramatic but it really felt like that for the first few years.  Yes, I came from a small village but I was only a short train ride away from towns & major cities.  Here it is a four hours drive to D.C & back then, four hours was a lifetime in the car.

So the move was not so much the American Dream that this girl wanted. I mean who didn't want live Cher's life after watching Clueless??  The closest was genius for 1994!!  

* holiday = vacation
* Shell suit = leisure suit
* chocolate all over your face is acceptable right?

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