Monday, March 26, 2012

Stike a Pose

I am always on the look out for fab poses that I could use as inspirations for photo/video shoots for Stella Jewelry.  So of course I love the whole concept of Pinterest & making collages in Photoshop.  However, today for the first time in months I picked up a copy Vogue & realized there is nothing like taring pages to save when your creativity is lacking.  

When I combed the pages I was inspired in a whole different way than I am online.  I felt more emotion & connection to the pieces & marketing.  I wanted to rip out all the pages I love & make a scrap book.  Just like when I was a child collecting designer ads & proclaiming I will wear that dress when I am older.  I obsessed over a Escada gown in 1998, I still remember the ad.  It was champagne with a square neckline, very Princess Diana & way to mature for my 16 yr old style.  The model was stunning with glamorous hair standing in front of a bronze wall.  Its funny the things that speak to you & how long your remember them.  I still have a love for square necklines. 

Here's a couple of my fav. shots from the April Vogue (I took pictures of the pages just so I could play with my new Frame Magic App lol).  

Chanel is always a classic, yet this ad combines edge with such timeless pieces, a perfect way to grab my attention!!
How beautiful does Kate Moss look? Shes like a gorgeous statue on the mantle. I am normally not a fan of her but she looks stunning in this spread. Kate Spade also added some edge to her ad's with pink hair with pearls & a trench!
Then there is Victoria, to me she is always perfection!!

Does anyone else still love getting inspiration the old fashioned way?

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