Friday, March 9, 2012

Kony 2012

If you use any sort of social media then you must have heard of KONY 2012 in the last few days.  At first I was confused by all the hash tags on twitter & comments on Facebook.  Then I took 30 minutes to educate myself.  If you haven’t already I am encouraging telling you to watch the video below, not only is it amazing marketing & production, it is emotional, heartbreaking & inspiring.

I can’t believe it has taken 26 years for me to hear the name of this monster.  How was this not bigger news in England or America?

We are a country that fought for its freedom, we have provided aide to countries after devastation, & we have ended wars, taken down dictators in less time.  This is no different; the actions of Kony are devastating for the children, the parents, their country, the world.  OUR WORLD.

I want to live in a country WORLD free from hate; some may laugh & say it will never happen.  Maybe not but your negativity is what is stopping people from trying.  I will never know if I don’t do something to try & change it.  My life can only be better from trying to do the right thing & caring.

In the world of social media, Jason is right we are more globally connected than ever. The small people have the biggest voice & we can make our leaders listen to what we WANT and I want Kony stopped.

Thank you Jason, the adorable Gavin & friends for caring about our world, for connecting & inspiring us to see we can help.  We can change the world.  We must tell the government that we want to help; we want to help innocent children take their lives back.

I care what’s going on the in the world, I care that 30,000 children have been stolen, raped, murdered, mutilated.  Our countries have the knowledge, the training, and the passion to end this.  Let’s use skills for the right things.

Do you care?

PLEASE find your small voice & a way to help.  Cover the night April 20; wear the bracelet, contact officials/celebrities, tweet, and blog, be creative so we can continue to do the right thing! 

Visit the Invisible Children Website for more information

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