Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bag Lady!

I go back & forth with bag styles a lot, I sometimes love Hobos, sometimes clutches but I always seem to come back to a shoulder bag of sorts.  

In high school I loved my Roxy shoulder bag rather than a back pack.  In college after a trip to NYC I was obsessed with the red slouchy leather bags.  Which I had to immediately buy because no one in Roanoke would have one.   

Now in 2012 I am back to wanting a cross body purse.  They are so convenient & freeing when shopping or traveling and I am all about ease right now.  Last fall I found this great option from Express, not to small not to big however it refuses to stay clean.  

So I am now on the hunt for the perfect cross body for summer.

Ideally I would love this Proenza Schoulder options that I have used in many Friday Fancies looks.  However its a little out of my budget.

I can't seem to find the perfect option anywhere locally. So in comes the world wide web!!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

After searching the Internet I can't decide what I am want anymore.  I want a piece that will last for awhile as I want to make intentional decisions with money & style.  No more buying things randomly on impulse. 

I love the large coral option from Topshop but its a little casual.  The smaller options (2,3,4) are sweet but maybe not great for everyday.  I may or may not carry to much stuff in my purse.  I like to be prepared!  
Then options (5,6) are so much bigger, almost to big. What I love about the Brown ONA bag is that it is made to carry my camera in, then can I risk buying white again? Even though it would be fab for summer!

What do you ladies think? Help me pick!!

UPDATE: I just found a great deal on Refinery 29 for up to $185 off Rebecca Minkoff purses! Perfect timing. Get the deal here!

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  1. i'm a fan of the coral one! casual or not, it looks summery and lovely.