Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Day Without Shoes

When I am shopping I hear myself saying I need this dress, I need these shoes, when in reality I don't need anything.  I have more than enough clothes & accessories but in a world of excess we don't want what we have, we want what's new & hot.  It makes me sad to acknowledge how superficial my life is. 

Thankfully we have people/companies like TOMS to remind us that we can shop & help people at the time. 

If you don't know by now that for every pair of shoes TOMS sell a child in need receives a pair.  It is a brilliant concept & makes me think twice when shopping.  I want to give my money to companies who care & make a difference.  It also makes me want to support local business more to promote my small towns economy & to donate the things I don't need.  

Yesterday people all over the world spent the day not wearing shoes to see what it felt like.  So inspiring to see the world care & doing something to bring awareness to a global issue! I wish I could have participated in "One Day Without Shoes" but I have to wear shoes to work.  Instead I showed my support by rocking my favorite Tom wedges & stalking their website.

I am not sure which pair to opt for this purchase.  Part of me says be practicable & get the flats but how fun are the wedges?  

Did anyone go barefoot yesterday? I would love to hear your thoughts after a day without shoes!


  1. Love everything TOMS is about and does :) Also had to wear shows to work haha but I definitely chose my TOMS!

    1. :) Have you tried the ballet flats yet? I heard they run big and am kind of scared to order without trying on first.