Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Monday

So I sat down this morning to blog about my Jewelry & the pressure I put on myself because I am not where I want to be!  Then I sat back & decided against a negative post.   Well then I had writers block because I wasn't inspired by anything.  I have been letting my weaknesses in business take over the good.  It's clouding my mind.  I won't go into the details, instead I want to share some of the exciting things from the past week! 

The response to the bracelets I posted here has been so overwhelming from friends & family.  It is beginning to become our most popular piece, yet I haven't been allowing myself to enjoy the excitement, I have been pressuring myself to fill those requests & stressing because I can't add the item to online yet.  I am always worried about rushing to add something when its not 100% & then I worry about loosing the online buzz.  Today I decided to stop worrying & appreciate the fact my friends will be rocking the new bracelets.  It always mean's the most when someone you love admires your work.

I am determined to get these online this week!  I just need a name, anyone want to help??

In other exciting news I am teaming up with a Angels POV, (street style blogger) for an exciting little project!  I think all you Friday Fancies ladies will love it!!  I can't wait to share the details soon!  In the mean time go check out his blog.  I am super jealous he photographed Michael Knight from Project Runway.  Micheal was one of my favorites & I'm loving his new Bridal line which he debuted at Charleston Fashion Week.  

I am also in love with this girls look!  Adorable & on trend top knot, clean make up & a perfectly executed bubble hem.  Bubble hems can look to childish when badly done, where as this dress looks chic & classic with a modern twist.  

Oh & is anyone else excited Adam Levine & his girlfriend broke up?? 

I know I shouldn't be excited someone is going through a break up but I mean look at him!! Gorgeous & now single, well he's just even hotter!!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend & thank you for the sweet comments on my Friday Fancies look!  I am of to catch up on everyone else's looks now!

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  1. How about "A little bit Country, a little bit Rock N' Roll" as a name for the bracelet? They're super cute btw and I'd love to buy one from you once you get them up and running :)