Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time to make a change!

For a long time I thought I knew exactly who I was, but lately I realized I am not the person I want to be and have been trying to “find” myself. There is so much I want to do with my life personally and professionally.  I want to be a better child, sister, friend, worker, creator and traveler. 

I want to do something I love for my career and have been revolving who “I am” around that.  When I saw this card something clicked.  I don’t need to find myself.  I know the person I can and want to be, I know I want to have a career I am passionate about.  It’s up to me to create the life and job I want.  I need to act as the person I am/want to be and make a conscious effort to make changes to things I dislike.
Before I even saw this card I took a step to “creating” myself and the life I want. I have always worked A LOT and never thought twice about working more than 40 hrs a week. Over the last few years I’ve had a part time job, it’s a fun most of the time and a break from the stress of my full time job and of course extra cash is always nice J.  Recently, I took a temporary elevated position, I found myself working up to 70 hrs a week for the last few months. This was a decision I made and do not regret.  I appreciate the experience of the new position, but three weeks ago my gut told me this isn’t right about my work situation. 

My full time job is really stressful and over the last year has just burnt me out, I like the company and the co-workers but I just don’t want/need the stress in my life.  My gut keeps telling me its time for a change but it’s my full time job I can’t just quit without a plan.

The Plan

To become an amazing jewelry designer and make millions.  Well that's the dream lol!  My more realistic plan is become successful with my jewelry line and be able to run my business full time.  I know this will take time and effort and right now I don't have the energy nor the time. 

So as I cannot leave my full time job, the first step to reach my goal was to cut back my hours at my “fun” job and hopefully some of the stress from my schedule.  If you know me well you will know this was somewhat a big decision for me as I always work, but I feel it is the right decision and hope it helps create the life I want.

I want to see what I can actually accomplish with my jewelry in my "free time" time.  Then when I become successful, I can focus my full time career into something I love and leave the stressful job behind. 

I will be blogging frequently about my progress in creating my new life.  I hope you guys enjoy reading about it.

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