Sunday, January 30, 2011

SAG Awards

As I sit and watch the SAG Awards I can't believe how many people wore red tones.  They all looked great but I don't get how the fashion industy all know what color will be on trend.  Do they call each other up and say Spring 2011 we all must use hues of red?  I really want to know how that part of the industry works.

So I didn't see all the of the Red Carpet Coverage but my two favorites so far are:

Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen

Sometimes Alexander McQueens gowns are too much for me, so dramatic and theatrical that I only think they would work on the runway or Lady Gaga.  However this gown is stunning.  Just the material alone would look great in almost any shape dress.  Mila looks lovely, confident and comfortable in the gown, I love her loose waves and smokey eye make up too.

My other favorite was Mariska Hargitay but I cannot find any photos online of her or who designed her dress.  She wore a classic strapless gown from what I could see in a gorgeous royal blue with a beautiful pair of aqua stud earrings.  I hope there are some pictures tomorrow so I can see the full outift.  I have to say I am a little disappointed she didn't win Best Actress in a TV Drama, SVU is one of my favorite shows and she is amazing at potraying the character. 

Well its almost 10 pm and I need to watch the Kardashians in NYC they are my fav guilty pleasure :)

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