Monday, July 11, 2011

What's in Your Phone?

The other day I was looking through my mobile and noticed all of the random photographs I have saved.  Some funny, some sentimental, some I have no idea why I took them 

In an effort to enjoy the little thing's in life I am sharing with you my eclectic collection of pics in a weekly post called "What's in Your Phone?", creative name huh?

Imagine passing this little beauty every morning when you were 15! Creepy huh?  My Mum's celebrity crush has always been Mr. Bowie and one Sunday my childhood best friend's hilarious Mum, Sue, bought this master piece from a yard sale for her.

As creepy and as dated as this picture it is, it makes me very nostalgic and giggle at how horrid the 80's were!!

Next week I hope you link up with me and share a picture!

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