Sunday, January 15, 2012

and the winners are......

Can you imagine how many millions of dollars there are in jewelry at one awards show?  This is one of the random things that runs through my mind while watching TV.  Seriously security must be crazy.  

I was so excited that two of my favorite movies over the past year won Golden Globes. Michelle Williams was stunning in My Week with Marilyn & Midnight in Paris was a witty story that made me fall in love with Paris & the 1920s again.  

When it came to fashion everyone looked stunning & glamorous however I wasn't wowed by any over all look. Here are some of my favorite elements from the night.

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Mila Kunis's make up is perfection, so simple & elegant, I just wish you couldn't see through the top of her gown.  After the Color Crush Friday Fancies I couldn't resist posting Heidi's necklace.  A beautiful statement piece, unfortunately the overall look seems out of place on the red carpet.  More St. Bart's than Golden Globes. 

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I am obsessed with the back of Clare Danes dress.  It is so perfectly fitted adding a little excitement to a safe dress.  Charlize's headband was the clear winner in the accessory department for me.  Who wouldn't want to wear that many diamonds in your hair? 

Did you have a favorite overall look from the awards?

Oh & how handsome were the men!  Adam, Bradley & Leo all looked yummy!!

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  1. I am LOVING those backless gowns!!!! So beautiful & sexxxxxyyyy! :)