Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I have a love hate relationship with nail polish!  I love the fun color options & getting manicures but when it comes to DIY I always mess up one nail & because I spend most of my day typing or making jewelry they chip easily. At which point I become obsessed with finding nail polish remover because I can't handle one messed up nail!  Please tell me someone else is this crazy?

Since joining the blog world I was introduced to what I thought was a new company, Essie! Turns out they have been around since 1981, like me!  So when I found some on sale at Trade Secret for $1, yes that's right $1.  I decided to cheat on my old faithful (easily chipable) OPI & buy a couple.

Should I feel guilty?

I picked up a light pink & this orange/red color Geranium & I am in love.  They are so smooth & easy to apply and so far so good with the chipping. 
I added a little Sparkle from the OPI Burlesque collection & finished with the Essie 'Good to Go" top coat, which drys the polish in minutes! Amazing for a busy lady! 

Whats you favorite nail polish brand & color of the moment?


  1. Super cute! If you're looking for something that won't chip, you could try gel nail color too... at least I think it's called gel. I't s a little pricier, but it's supposed to be super durable and they sell the colors complete with the uv light in Walmart now... I think I remember seeing it in the one in Salem. :)

  2. THanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I love the one nail trend & am rocking it now! Super cute with the glitter!!! My favorite nail polish brand is Nicole by OPI... not only because my name is Nicole but because they have great nail polish that dries QUICKLY. & I am a sucker for ALWAYS screwing up my nails... Also Essie is amazing & has some great colors! I just bought a coral & lavender Essie color & love them both! :)