Monday, January 2, 2012

Well Hello 2012

New Years Eve has always been much a do about nothing for me.  I stress about plans & outfits only for the evening to go downhill.  There was the time I was back in England, the anticipation of a big night out with my childhood best friends; it would have to be epic right?  No I was ill for almost the whole trip & had to go to the doctors twice.  Then there was the time I took a Tylenol to rid a headache before a fun party.  Only to wake up at 2 am to realize it was Tylenol PM, Happy New year to me.

Until this year my expectations were always so high for the night, it’s a new year with so much promise & change.  Then the ball drops, the nights not how I imagined it & my life’s still the same.  This New Years Eve I was content just relaxing with no expectations & the chill night doing little was perfect.

The past year I have had my share of ups & downs.  I unfortunately missed my childhood best friends wedding & the crazy cat lady in me was heart broken at the passing of my dear Brooklyn.  Then there was some fun; the soda addict I am I was in heaven at the World of Coke.  I visited Salem MA & Boston in October, im in LOVE.  I spent my 30th birthday in Vegas with fabulous friends; my Mum gave me her Gucci watch I have been eyeing since I was 13 & my dear friend Rachel gave birth to the sweetest little girl, Brianna who I adore. 

 * amazing birthday dinner on the balcony of the Venetian at Boucheon Bistro

Most importantly I struggled to find myself; I felt like I didn’t belong where I am personally, professionally & geographically.  However, I learnt about living with intention & have been inspired by so many stories in my blogging & everyday life that I am slowly defining who I am & creating the life I want. 

I can’t wait to see who I become this year & hope my 30’s are filled with love & laughter.

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  1. Good luck for 2012. I'm in a similar boat (turned 30 last Nov) and trying to work out what I want from life. I think London is right, for me, right now but not forever (Australia is home). But making small concious decisions will get me where I need to be, of that I'm sure. Anyway, I'll stop rambling - all the best