Monday, January 23, 2012

Bracelets again!

Clearly I love jewelry & I have spoken of my love of Bracelets before.  I seriously feel lost if I leave the house without one!  

So lucky for me bracelets are still in style for Spring 2012.  Stacking chunky bangles, pops of color & tribal elements are whats its all about.

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Unfortunately for me I am not a huge tribal fan, I tend to like cleaner lines & as much as I love the layer look of lots of bracelets with a great watch being 5'3 it makes my arms look like stumps.  Not cute. 

To create similar looks I would opt for multiple skinny bracelets or one statement bracelet that is not a cuff like below.

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Are you into lots of bracelets, a statement piece or nothing at all on your wrists?


  1. Yes please to all of them.

    Just followed you, excited to read more.