Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No Fast Food February Round 2

In my world of chaos, two jobs & aspiring to be a better blogger/fabulous jewelry designer grabbing fast food is a sad but common occurrence.  I really want to change this habit not only to be healthier but also I am sure I would save some dollars & force me to be more organized!

This time last year as part of my 30 before 30 I decided to give up fast food for a month.  Well I am doing it again this year & I am excited that my friend Tricia & her mom are joining me.  It will be nice to have someone to be accountable to. 

....and as if giving up yummy Chick Fil a isn't enough, I am going to stop drinking regular soda too.  I am a self proclaimed Coca Cola addict & not 100% sure I can handle this!!  I apologize in advance if I am grumpy lack of caffeine may have bad affects on me!

goodbye sweet syrupy deliciousness!  You will be missed but never forgotten!!

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