Friday, April 29, 2011

Best Dressed Guests

Of course the Beckhams are perfectly dressed for the Royal Wedding of the Century.  David is looking quite dapper and British in his Morning Coat and proudly wearing his OBE.

Victoria looks simple yet stunning in her own cape style dress, I am in pain just looking at her feet though, she almost looks like she should be in point Ballet Shoes.

Kate's Mother looks fabulous and appropriate for a Royal Wedding.  What a daunting task it must have been to choose an outfit for anyone today.

As I type this the Queen is walking into West Minister Abby and the fanfare is beginning to play.  So patriotic for my country.  Although I live in America I am so proud to be British and of my country.
As soon as I woke up to watch the coverage today I posted a tweet that said I predict Kate would wear long lace sleeves, v neck, a cinched waist and a major train and from the little you see in the car seems as those I called it well.  More to come on the new Princess.

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