Sunday, April 10, 2011

working on my business update

The new logo!!  What do you think?

To continue building Stella Jewelry I felt a new logo was in order, luckily my business partner Tricia was on board too.  My friend Taryn created the logo above and I am in love.  The clean likes and fun font are just what I wanted!  

I love the chic yet modern look and feel it represents my grown brand really well.

Along with making the logo she also made us a blog button for advertising.
Check out to see it in action.

Today we also had a trunk show at Plantagenet Rose, Roanoke, which went really well. Thank you to all those that came out.  I loved being able to show off the new logo.

1 comment:

  1. It does look nice. Still, the space above the text makes it feel a bit empty. The blog button is nice though, as it kind of looks like something you'd hang in a store. Both are quite nice for your business.

    -Raela Drigger