Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stella Jewelry Update

This is our current header on  Thanks to my amazing friend Taryn, who created our new logo we were able to customize the colors to match the earrings.

What do you think? 

Right now I am feeling that the business side of my life is going slow and I want things to fall into place and be up and running right now. Realistically, I know I need to be patience, you know Rome wasn't built in a day.  However I am British not Italian and patience has never been my thing.  Once I decide I want something I obsess until I get it.  Unfortunately, this isn't as easy as buying a new Hobo wallet. With my business I spend more time thinking about how I want this to do be, rather than making my thoughts actions.   

Sometimes I do this because I don't have enough time to execute my plans.  Other times I have visions and need assistance but can't clearly explain the image, so then I become frustrated.   I also get frustrated when buying supplies, how many of each stone should I get?  How much chain do I need? Is this the quality I want for our line?  Then I question whether making just one of each item is the right thing to do.  I love that most pieces are unique but it is hard to keep the pictures up to date with items currently available.  If we make more than one of each piece, how will I know how many to make? What if they don't sell?  What if our current customers get upset because the pieces are not one of a kind.  

Logically I know I need patience, I need to make sacrifices when it comes to my use of free time and sometimes I will just to take a risk and then analyze the outcome.   Hopefully I let the emotion behind my business take a backseat and will be realistic about what is needed. 

So as stated yesterday, I will be more open on my blog and there it openness about my business right now.

On to a lighter note the Royal Wedding is tomorrow!! I will be up bright and early wearing a fancy hat, eating crumpets for breakfast.  Do you have big plans to watch?

How adorable to the happy couple look in their official program picture?

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  1. I have a tendency to over think things as well. Most of the time, I have found its better to stop thinking and just do it. (Go with your gut.)