Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brit vs Gaga

I want to preface this blog with the fact that I am a 90's child and huge fan of Britney!!!

I read today that Britney Spears is performing her new single at the Grammy's this year.  I can't say I love her new song but def. don't hate it.  I think its going to be one of those songs that grows on me like Womanizer. 

Anyway, I am kind of scared that Britney won't be back on her game, I saw her on her last tour which while amazing, you can tell she wasn't 100 % into it, and her hair, oh my god her hair! It is "unbeweavable"  how can someone with so much money not get good extensions? Hopefully she gets a makeover before the show.


Now I found Lady Gaga is performing at the Grammy's, how can Britney compete with that??  I mean, like I said I am a Britney fan, but I'm also a little monster too! (for those who don't know Lady Gaga names her fans little monsters) and seeing her live in concert is AMAZING and of course she sings live.

Remember Britney's come back on the MTV awards? It made me cringe and feel sorry for her.  You could see in her face she knew she sucked and just was counting the beats to get off stage. "5,6,7,8, 5,6,7 and im out of here".

I don't want that to happen again, even if shes on point with a great routine at the Grammy's she probably going to lip sync and against Gaga its going to make the performance look bad.  Ahh I am worried for her!

Do you guys think Britney can hold her performing in the same show as Gaga?

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  1. the thing that Brit has going for her that Gagaloo doesn't is that- she's BRITNEY SPEARS. Even when she sucked so bad singing gimme more, that's the only thing I care to watch from that VMA's.