Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As most of America knows the Mega Millions lotto was up to $355 million yesterday, so just like anyone else I was determined I could beat the 1 in 175 million odds and win.

I even took the picture below and declared on facebook I had the winning ticket!  Again because I am trying out the whole positive thinking makes things happen thing!! I even made sure none of my numbers showed so one could copy haha! wow that makes me sound so selfish, but I would share if won!

*another bad blackberry picture ~ expect many of these :)

 Alas, I did not win the millions two lucky people beat the odds and get to split the money!! I think I might have won $10 though, not sure as this is the first time I've bought an actual ticket, usually I stick to the $1.00 scratch cards on road trips.

Playing the lotto obviously got me thinking about what I would do if I won all that money! Would I take the cash pay out or spread the winnings out?  Here are a few things I am certain I would do with the money:

1. Take care of my family ~ pay off mortgages, new cars and an amazing vacation.
2. Take a fabulous trip with all my friends!
3. Donate money to art education, children's charities and many more.
4. Buy Aston Martin.
5. Invest and start my own company.
6. Hire a good lawyer.  
7. Travel the world and experience other cultures.
8. Buy a Chanel purse ~ I've dreamt of owning one since I was little.

Seen as I didn't win I guess I should head back to work!  What would you do if you won?

P.S. does anyone else think they read the numbers super fast?

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