Sunday, January 2, 2011

a spot of tea...

I am not sure how to start out my blog,  I have so many ideas of things I would love to write about, from fashion to travelling to memories. I have a feeling my blog is going to be quite random.  I will start of with a little about me.

First off you should know that I actually don't like tea at all but thought the name was cute for a blog.  I know weird, I'm British and don't like tea. 

So you already know I am British, what else?  Well I have lived in America since I was 17.  I am a 90's Pop Child who will always have love for the Spice Girls.  I am a fashionista wannabe, who can't bring herself to be daring with clothes!  I am an amateur make up artist, which means I buy lots of make up and sometimes practice on friends :).  I work in the corporate world and dream of my handmade jewelry making me millions, positive thinking works right? I am a part time traveller, wannabe jet setter.  A Bravo reality TV show junkie, candy lover, coca-cola addict.  I have champagne taste with a beer budget.  I am random thinker and self proclaimed detective.  I am possibly a social media addict, and cannot be without my phone, isn't that sad? I am shy and insecure at time and other outgoing and confident.  I know who I am or should say who I want to be and am ready to work on myself and my life to be the best friend, sister and daughter I can be.

YAY I've actually started my blog! 

Roxy xoxox

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