Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Motherland

I haven't been back to England since 2006.  I can't believe its been that long, working 9-5 in the corporate world kind of messed me up when it comes to gallivanting all over the country/world.  Not because I don't get time off but its a lot harder to take a few weeks together with my job now as it was when I was younger.   Anyway I digress, this summer I am going home for 3 weeks and I cannot wait!! I feel complete when I am home! I love living in America most of the time but there is just a sense of belonging when I go home that I don't have here.

A few reasons I am counting the days until I'm home:

1.  I get to see my childhood best friend get married!

2.  Catching up with long lost friends.

3.  Real Fish and Chips!

4.  I get to see my family!

5.  Going to a Pub, there is something about a Pub that no bar here has.

6.  Shopping in Manchester ~ I miss shopping there, the mall in Roanoke just doesn't cut it.

7.  Childhood memories ~ visiting places that I loved when I was little is always a good feeling.

8.  London ~ some friends from here are meeting up with me to visit London.  I can't wait to show them why I love my motherland :)  The museums, palaces, stores, restaurants, clubs.  I can't wait.

9.  English Chocolate and candy!

10.  Having my accent back for a few weeks lol.

 * 10 over the last 12 yrs my accent has almost disappeared. Unless I'm with my family, upset or maybe a little tipsy.   Some of this is on purpose, my job requires me to talk a lot and its really annoying when people say you talk to fast, I don't understand you or make fun of the way you say can't.  So I try to slow it down, use American words like soda instead of pop.  Unfortunately, I can't change the way I say CAN'T and many people think I'm saying "c*nt* lol 


The manor above is Astley Hall, it is now a museum on the edge of my old Village.  I have visited the Hall probably hundred's of time.  When I was eight I had my Ballet pictures taken there, my mum used to hold events their and my friends I walked past it everyday walking to and from school.  This place is not the most exciting place in the world but I have great memories and it is full of history from hundreds of years ago.  They have a shoe that Oliver Cromwell left there when he was travelling and they filmed Moll Flanders their when I was in High School. 


  1. Ok, I was browsing through blogs using the top button (where you can select next blog) anyways...I just HAVE to ask this mentioned the mall in Roanoke. Would that be Roanoke, Virginia? If so, I live in Rke too and it is super cool to see somebody else from here blogging :)

  2. Yes Roanoke Va. That is cool, I stalked your blog a little, congrats on the baby :) you should check out, she is from Roanoke and has a baby due in July.